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Important: Cortana in Windows as a standalone app is deprecated. To learn about support for Cortana in Teams, as well as new and exciting ways to get help with your email, calendar, and tasks, see End of support for Cortana in Windows and Teams

Stay productive and organized with Cortana in Windows

As a personal productivity assistant, Cortana helps you save time getting things done so you can focus on the things that are most important to you. In particular, Cortana can help you access information quicker, connect with other people faster, and be better at keeping on track.

Cortana in Windows has a chat-based UI that gives you the ability to interact using typed or spoken natural language queries. You can resize, move, and dock the app window on your desktop to accommodate your preferred workflow. For example, you can dock Cortana next to a Teams window so you can accomplish quick tasks while staying engaged with your meeting.

Cortana also comes with enhanced security and privacy so you can feel confident your data is safely stored. For this reason, you'll need to sign in with your personal Microsoft account or your work or school account to use Cortana.

Productivity skills for Cortana in Windows are currently only supported in English in the United States. If you're signed into Windows with your work or school account with a mailbox that is located outside the United States, you can still ask Cortana for definitions, calculations, and more. Not sure what to say? Try asking, “What can you do?”  

In the latest update to Cortana in Windows, you can search for documents and compose quick emails. You can also invoke the app using the wake word "Cortana."

Here are some of the things you can do with Cortana in Windows:

Calendar and schedule assistance

Cortana can help you manage your calendar. After you sign in to Cortana, you can connect your personal calendar or your work or school calendar so you can always keep track of your schedule. Try:

  • Am I free at 4:30 PM?

Check your calendar with Cortana in Windows

  • "What's next on my calendar?"

Get info from your calendar with Cortana in Windows

  • "Find time to sync with Miriam"

Arrange a meeting time with Cortana in Windows

Meeting help

Cortana can help you quickly join an online meeting in Microsoft Teams. Try:

  • "Join my meeting"

Join a meeting with Cortana in Windows

And when you need to know who's in your next meeting, or when your next meeting is with a specific person, you can ask Cortana for help. Try:

  • "Who's my next meeting with?"

Find info on your next meeting with Cortana in Windows

  • "When is my next meeting with Lidia?"

Get info on your next meeting with Cortana in Windows

You can also use natural language to create a meeting in a single step. Try:

  • "Book a meeting with [person] at [time] about [topic]"

Schedule a meeting with Cortana in Windows

Find out about people in your organization

When you're signed in with your work or school account, Cortana can help you learn about people in your organization. Try:

  • "Who is Alex?"

Find about a person's organization with Cortana in Windows

  • "Who is Nestor's boss?"

Find out a person's manager with Cortana in Windows

Make lists and set reminders and alarms

Cortana makes it easy to keep track of everything that needs to get done. You can ask Cortana to create a new list or add something to a list you already have. Try: 

  • "Add call Joni at 1 PM about our product review to my task list"

Add items to your task list with Cortana in Windows

And when you need to update or delete a task, just go into the To Do app on your PC or mobile device to see and edit all of your lists.

You can also ask Cortana to set a reminder or an alarm when you need to get something done. Try:

  • Remind me to pick up superglue after work at 6 PM

Get reminders with Cortana in Windows

  • Set an alarm for 3 PM

Set an alarm with Cortana in Windows

Open apps

You can save time by asking Cortana to open an app on your computer. Try:

  • Open Word

Open apps with Cortana in Windows

  • "Open wifi settings"

Open settings with Cortana in Windows

Get definitions and quick answers

When you need to know the meaning of a word, just ask for Cortana for help. Try:

  • "What's the definition of deciduous?"

Get definitions with Cortana in Windows

Cortana can also give you quick answers to questions you have. Try:

  • "How tall is the Eiffel Tower?"

Get information from Bing with Cortana in Windows

  • "How much is $1000 in pounds?"

Find an exchange rate with Cortana in Windows

  • "Calculate 1312 x 65"

Make a calculation with Cortana in Windows

You can ask questions like these when you use Cortana in Windows in any supported market around the world. To learn more about what Cortana can do in international markets, see the related support topic

Get weather and news updates

Stay up-to-date by asking Cortana for weather information that will help you prepare for your day. Try:

  • Is it going to rain tomorrow?

Get the weather forecast with Cortana in Windows

You can also ask Cortana for the latest news. Try:

  • What are the top headlines?

Get top headlines with Cortana in Windows

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