When the large snapshots are created during the backup of Hyper-V clusters, the space volume may fail to come online after being offline.


To fix this issue and recover the space volume, you can download the update from Microsoft Update Catalog website and then follow these steps:

  1. Make the space volume resource offline.

  2. In Windows PowerShell, run the following cmdlets to get the original value of the cluster resource (the default value is 0) and cluster parameter:

Get-ClusterResource "Cluster Disk 8" | Get-ClusterParameter DiskRunChkdsk

          Note The original value will be needed later to restore the value.

  1. Set the resource's private property DiskRunChkDsk to 8 :

Get-ClusterResource SpacesVolumeResource | Set-ClusterParameter DiskRunChkdsk 8
  1. Make the space volume resource online. The space volume resource will come online and it will automatically switch to Maintenance Mode if the space is attached successfully.

  2. If there are any associated CSV volumes, those volumes won't be surfaced.

  3. Use diskmgmt or diskpart to make the disk online.

  4. Run any volume repair actions as necessary.

  5. Make the disk offline.

  6. Make the cluster spaces resource offline.

  7. Set the resource's private property DiskRunChkDsk back to its original value.

  8. Make the disk resource online. This should result in a successful online of the resource that is followed by online of CSV volumes.

  9. If the resource's private property DiskRunChkDsk is set to value 8 on a non-spaces resource which type is Physical Disk, it will have no effect.

Note Both CSV and non-CSV resources are supported by this fix.


Stop backing up of all Hyper-V clusters if there are additional virtual disks crashing.


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed in the "Applies to" section.


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