Using Cortana in Microsoft Teams Rooms

Cortana voice assistance in Microsoft Teams Rooms lets you have a touchless experience for joining or ending a meeting, adding a number to a meeting, or calling a number from your conference room.


  • You can say "Cortana" or "Hey Cortana" to start a command. Both will work fine.

  • You can also say "cancel" or "nevermind" if you want to cancel a command or start over.

  • Say "Cortana help" for a list of ways Cortana can help.

  • For more information about Cortana, visit Cortana in Microsoft 365

Turn on Cortana in Microsoft Teams Rooms

Go to More  More options button  in your Microsoft Teams Rooms console and make sure the Cortana toggle is set to On.  

cortana mtr: more button

Join or end a Microsoft Teams Rooms meeting 

To join a Teams meeting from Microsoft Teams Rooms using Cortana, say, "Cortana, join my meeting."

cortana mtr: join my meeting command

When you’re finished with the meeting, you can say “Cortana, end my meeting.” 

Add a number to a Microsoft Teams Rooms meeting

To add a number to a meeting, you can say, "Cortana, add <say a number> to my meeting."

Make a call from a Microsoft Teams Rooms device 

To make a touchless call in Microsoft Teams Rooms, you can say, “Cortana, call <say a number>.” 

When you’re finished with the call, you can say, “Cortana, end the call.” 

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