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Change the column width or row height in Excel

You can manually adjust the column width or row height or automatically resize columns and rows to fit the data.

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Note: The boundary is the line between cells, columns, and rows. If a column is too narrow to display the data, you will see ### in the cell.

Resize rows

  1. Select a row or a range of rows.

  2. On the Home tab, select Format > Row Width (or Row Height).

  3. Type the row width and select OK.

Resize columns

  1. Select a column or a range of columns.

  2. On the Home tab, select Format > Column Width (or Column Height).

  3. Type the column width and select OK.

Automatically resize all columns and rows to fit the data

  1. Select the Select All button Select All at the top of the worksheet, to select all columns and rows.

  2. Double-click a boundary. All columns or rows resize to fit the data.

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