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The information in this article assumes you've tried the previous steps to reset and recover your account. If you haven't tried the steps in this order, go to Step 1: Reset a forgotten Microsoft account password.

Step 1

Reset password

Step 2

Can't reset password

Step 3

Recovery form

Step 4

Can't recover

Account recovery wasn't granted

We understand your frustration if you discover you can't recover your account. The account recovery process is designed to protect your account and its contents.

This means our support agents and advocates can't do more than you can do for yourself with the account recovery form. They don't have the ability to send you password reset links or provide you other ways to access or change account details.

What you can do...

Fill out the account recovery form again    We recommend that you try filling out the account recovery form again. You can do this up to two times per day. Do this if you find more information or remember something else about your account that will help.

Create a new Microsoft account    You can always create a new Microsoft account in the interim if you’re having trouble with the recovery request and try again later when you remember something new that might help.

Add security and recovery features to your new account    If you decide to create a new Microsoft account we recommend you follow the guidance to add one or more additional security contact info methods to your account right away. Review and set up an alternative sign in methods, such as the Microsoft Authenticator app to use to sign into your account.

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